Dr. Preston McBride's research work on a vaccine, mandated by the government, is stolen out from under him. A bizarre canine illness surfaces. One by one and then by the thousands, beloved pets, trusted guardians and vital work dogs perish.

As humanity goes berserk over the looming extinction of "man's best friend." Research plunges him into a world of desperate corporate greed and sinister political machinations, where he uncovers a horrifying truth. McBride watches the people in his own life deteriorate with grief from the depth of a loss they cannot seem to bear. He races to find the cause, and with that, a cure for this plague that has reached Biblical proportions.


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Drs. Lippoff and Solar channel Michael Crichton with their debut medical thriller, a cautionary tale that spins a terrifying what-if scenario from the recent international concerns about the next supervirus.

What happens when pharmaceutical profits become more important than potential risk? Lippoff and Solar ask that question, envisioning the greatest health crisis since the Black Death. After being pushed out of his research position at a company called Novilis, Dr. Preston McBride heads back to hands-on work in a clinic, just as the flu vaccine he was hesitantly working on is being issued to the public. While Americans are heaving a sigh of relief that the dangerous Rohn Flu has been cured, a much-worse aftershock appears when all the dogs on Earth start dying. One by one, beloved pets, drug-sniffing canines and racing dogs all start dying in graphic, disturbing ways—bleeding from the inside-out as if they have Ebola. Preston puts the pieces together, quickly determining that the timing of the Rohn vaccine and the canine plague must be related, and races to find a cure before all of humanity disintegrates.

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Title : Unconditional Loss
Author : Orrin Lippoff & Mladen Solar
Publisher : Unconditional Loss
ISBN : 0615384048
Pages : 468, Paperback
Genre : Fiction/Suspense
Reviewed by : Gary Sorkin
Date Review Completed : July 22, 2011

Unconditional Loss, a novel co-authored by doctors Orrin Lippoff & Mladen Solar, grip the reader and pull them into a fast moving, expertly written story like the harness of a dog team of Huskies pulling a sled across the Alaskan frontier. In fact, that's exactly how the novel begins.

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"Unconditional Loss" by Dr. Orrin Lippoff and Dr. Mladen Solar tells of one man's race against time and battle against corporate greed to save canine population

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – "Unconditional Loss" (ISBN 0615384048), a novel by Dr. Orrin Lippoff and Dr. Mladen Solar, begins with Dr. Preston McBride, a gifted vaccine researcher, as he searches to find a cure for a virulent strain of the flu virus. Similar to H1N1, it threatens the human race.

After Dr. McBride's vaccine project is stolen from him, he is disillusioned and resigns himself to a dull life of work at a family clinic in his home town. But then a mysterious disease begins killing dogs, and it escalates with frightening speed. People suffer devastating emotional losses when their pets die, and McBride decides to return to the battlefield of his research. In what fast becomes a blood bath of dying dogs all over the country, and then the world, he feverishly searches for connections in his makeshift lab.

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'25 percent of authors' net profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the New York ASPCA, an organization dedicated to the well-being of dogs and other animals.

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