Author's Biography

Orrin Lippoff,M.D.

Professional Background :

Dr. Lippoff has been practicing Internal Medicine in the Brooklyn area for over 20 years. He completed his residency training in Internal Medicine at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, and then worked as an Emergency Room physician before forming Brooklyn Family Medical Associates, M.D. PC" in 1988, a multi-specialty medical practice in Brooklyn, NY.

He subsequently added a practice management company, Benson Consulting, that provides expertise in practice and risk management for a number of medical offices and physicians, and he also provides consultation services for a major IPA (Independent Physicians Association).

Personal Life :

Dr. Lippoff enjoys home life with his girlfriend, sharing their home with two loving Dachshunds, Alvin and Alice. Alvin was rescued from a failed puppy mill in Texas in 2007, and has suffered from a bad case of Demodex since birth and has required extensive medical care over the years due to the poor breeding associated with of the puppy mill system. Happy and playful, he continues to bring much joy and happiness to family, friends and strangers.

Alice also came into the picture through a rescue agency, in 2008, when she was found wandering alone and weak on an open field in North Carolina. Soon she became Alvin's close companion and, while listed as a Dachshund on rescue site, she turns out to be a mixture of Dachshund and Miniature Pincher. She's fierce and cuddly and both she and Alvin bring much joy to not only their household but also as visitors to the veterans at the Brooklyn Veterans Center, NY.

Mladen Solar, M.D.

Dr. Mladen Solar is a practicing Cardiologist, living and working in Brooklyn, N.Y. He completed his medical school education at Downstate Medical Center, SUNY, and post-doctoral training at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dr. Solar fondly recalls growing up in Northwestern New Jersey, an area flush with woodland, lakes and hills. This was an area ideal for families to have a dog, especially a big one. He always had a German Shepard - a wonderful companion that made all feel safe and secure and was truly considered part of the family.

Currently, he enjoys the fun and playful nature of his daughter Elisabeth's and son-in-law, Guy's, bulldog, Stan, as well as that of Orrin Lippoff's dogs, Alvin and Alice.

Idea for "Unconditional Loss" :

As a practicing physician, medical issues are a daily event to Dr. Lippoff, as well as the awareness of threats of a viral outbreak or pandemic. It was while dealing with medical issues for Alvin, and devastating thought of losing him, while simultaneously being involved with the consequences of human diseases in his practice, that an idea popped into Dr. Lippoff's head: a terrifying virus affecting the dog population and the implications for human beings.

Dr. Mladen Solar used his medical and scientific background while creating "Unconditional Loss" with Dr. Lippoff, adding plausibility and a sense of reality to their collaboration.

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