New novel depicts disastrous plague decimating dogs worldwide

"Unconditional Loss" by Dr. Orrin Lippoff and Dr. Mladen Solar tells of one man's race against time and battle against corporate greed to save canine population

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – "Unconditional Loss" (ISBN 0615384048), a novel by Dr. Orrin Lippoff and Dr. Mladen Solar, begins with Dr. Preston McBride, a gifted vaccine researcher, as he searches to find a cure for a virulent strain of the flu virus. Similar to H1N1, it threatens the human race.

After Dr. McBride's vaccine project is stolen from him, he is disillusioned and resigns himself to a dull life of work at a family clinic in his home town. But then a mysterious disease begins killing dogs, and it escalates with frightening speed. People suffer devastating emotional losses when their pets die, and McBride decides to return to the battlefield of his research. In what fast becomes a blood bath of dying dogs all over the country, and then the world, he feverishly searches for connections in his makeshift lab.

Society is increasingly on edge at the prospect of the extinction of all dogs, and bizarre behavior is becoming the norm in the streets. Grief will become yet another plague as the book travels to Brazil, Germany, Asia and New Orleans. McBride's search leads him to unexpected confrontations at the crossroads of corporate greed and political corruption. This story is also a mirror on the times we live in.

The novel portrays a potential apocalypse, conceived of by Dr. Lippoff when he imagined what the world would be like without his own dogs, Alice and Alvin. "We hope to give an understanding of what the loss of dogs might mean, and a deeper appreciation of what our loving dogs contribute to our society," says Dr. Lippoff. "Otherwise we might not know what we have until it's too late!"

"UNCONDITIONAL LOSS" has been written to entertain and to enlighten. It is targeted at readers of fast-paced thrillers and dog lovers alike, and is suitable for readers of all ages.

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About the Authors

Dr. Orrin Lippoff lives in Brooklyn where he practices internal medicine. His creative writing is inspired by his clinical work and his close relationship with his two dachshunds, Alvin and Alice.

Dr. Mladen Solar also lives in Brooklyn and is a practicing cardiologist. He provided technical and scientific insight for the book, and has collaborated with Dr. Lippoff in many endeavors.

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'25 percent of authors' net profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the New York ASPCA, an organization dedicated to the well-being of dogs and other animals.

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